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Board of Directors
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> Jerry Glacken, Treasurer
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Welcome to the  Meadow Glen Homeowners Association.
The primary purpose of this site will be to provide consistent communication to members of the Meadow Glen Neighborhood and our surrounding community friends. If you have suggestions of information you would like to see, please e-mail the Meadow Glen Homeowners Association Board.


2013 Holiday Lights Event - Friday December 13th - Begins at 6:30pm

Previous "new information" can be found on the archive page.

Special Notice: The Meadow Glen Homeowners Association Board of Directors would like to remind everyone about the importance of obeying traffic laws, specifically regarding the speed limit and stopping at stop signs.

With the number of children we have in our neighborhood that either ride the buses in the mornings and afternoons, or are playing outside now that the weather is getting warmer, we must be safety minded; keep our driving speed within the limit and be sure to stop at the stop signs. 

Help us avoid the tragedy and/or embarrassment of a child being hit or vehicle collision.


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